Our team consisting of George Mason University, TecEng Solutions and ProAptiv focuses on Wireless Cybersecurity solutions by providing leading software products and services to secure devices, data and people. The Cybersecurity division of TecEng is a provider of protection-driven security solutions designed to solve security challenges and minimize the risk of hacker attacks by safeguarding wireless and mobile devices (i.e.: radio systems on trains, ships, automobiles and planes). We formulate new wireless security products that will add an extensive layer of protection to mitigate the vulnerability of a hacker’s attack against current systems and infrastructure. 

Our primary Cybersecurity services include:
- Wireless site survey
- Radio frequency identification
- Wireless engineering & security
- Wireless infrastructure design, installation, test & training
- Cyber security policy
- Vulnerability management & risk assessment
- Penetration testing
- Systems security, engineering and integration
- Cross Domain engineering
- Communications and network engineering

One of our current solutions will be protection for Positive Train Control (PTC).  This new technology addresses threats by alleviating the security compromise risk of both data integrity and message confidentiality with PTC systems. The software product ensures communications integrity utilizing advanced cryptographic techniques to confirm that the transmission has not been manipulated in transit or potentially forged by a malicious attacker. It also enables detection to identify an attacker’s point of origin. For more detailed information on our PTC solutions, please contact us.

Wireless Security

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sonar technology

As a dual-technology company, TecEng Solutions can efficiently transition and commercialize all of our offerings between the commercial and government market segments. Find a service suitable for your market.