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sonar technology

We specialize in robotic technology to provide inspection and cleaning services for many types of containments across a variety of industries, including water, petroleum/chemical and power. Our process includes inspection of the storage application to determine whether sedimentation and sludge cleaning are required.

Our service teams are trained to utilize our REMOTE OPERATED VEHICLES to deliver high quality services in confined areas and conditions that aren't suitable for man. Our uniquely designed machines allow us to perform inspection and cleaning services while your storage containment remains completely operational.

Our capabilities for the markets we serve include inspection and cleaning services for:

Condensate Storage Tanks

- Metal Thickness/Corrosion Testing

Power Industry 

- Cooling Towers

- Lined Service Water Basins

- Radioactive and Non-radioactive Ponds

Petroleum/Chemical Industry

- Fire Suppression Tanks

- Process Storage Tanks

- De-mineralized Water Tanks

- Condensate Storage Tanks

Water Industry

- Internal Inspection Survey & Report



As a dual-technology company, TecEng Solutions can efficiently transition and commercialize all of our offerings between the commercial and government market segments. Find a service suitable for your market.