Providing Innovative Technology Solutions

TecEng Solutions, LLC. (TecEng) was established in 2010 as a Pennsylvania small business providing professional services and innovative products for both the commercial and government market segments. We pride ourselves on being a dual-technology company that can transition and commercialize all of our offerings between these segments. 

Our offerings consist of the following:

- Innovative Research and Product Development
- Wireless Security Solutions
- Product Design and Development
- System and Software Engineering
- Commercialization Planning
- Acoustic Processing
- General Acoustic Analysis
- Software & Algorithm Development

- Robotic Inspection and Cleaning Services
- Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) or Evaluation (NDE)
- Sonar based Profiling

- Robotic Cleaning Machines
- Wireless Software Encryption Products
- Sonar Profiling Tools and Transducers

TecEng provides solutions for a vast range of industries, including (but not limited to) transportation - railways, airlines and automotive -, nuclear and power generation, petroleum and chemical, municipal water, and Department of Defense as well as other government departments.

Integrity:  Take pride in everything that is fair and honest in order to create trust

Teamwork:  Share a mutual respect for our partners and clients in order to consistently, effectively collaborate

Innovation:  Embrace innovation and be willing to take risks

Commitment:  Continually pursue our goals and remain dedicated to our initiatives

Communication:  Encourage constructive candor, both internally and externally, in order for ideas and information to thrive

Growth:  Create respectable relationships with and foster growth for the clients and communities that we serve

To continually grow as a dual-technology company, providing innovative technology product and service solutions aimed at helping reduce clients' vulnerability and lowering risk management within  the commercial and government market segments while also contributing to the growth of our community.

providing professional services and

innovative products for commercial

and government market segments 

About us

Core Values


Our Mission

Kevin J. Shipman

President/ CEO

Mr. Shipman is responsible for the overall growth and management of the business, including business development and financial growth. He has over 25 years of experience in International Business Management, Robotic Systems and Product Engineering Design and Development.

Before his role at TecEng Solutions, Mr. Shipman was the Chief Executive Officer and President for a company that he founded in 1999 called Nex Generation Consulting that provided IT integration strategies for ERP and CRM software solutions. 

Additionally, Mr. Shipman worked for more than 9 years with the U.S. Department of State as a Program Management Officer, and had the opportunity to work at the U.S. Embassies in Germany, Greece, Macedonia and Canada.

Brian W. Boyle
Vice President/Owner

Brian W. Boyle is the Co-Founder and has been serving as Executive Vice President of TecEng Solutions, LLC since December of 2013. Mr. Boyle has over 35 years of experience in the Department of Defense and Commercial markets, including several programs involving senior business development, strategic planning, government relations and research & development partnerships with major universities for Norden Systems, a subsidiary of United Technologies Corporation; DRS Technologies; and Advanced Acoustic Concepts.

Mr. Boyle was a Co-Founder and Executive Vice President of Advanced Acoustic Concepts from 1995-2010. His major responsibilities focused on business start-up and corporate expansion initiatives which resulted in Advanced Acoustic Concepts being acquired in December 2010 by a major international corporation.

Mr. Boyle serves on many economic development associations, community and charity associations and educational programs with the focus of improving quality of life and professional opportunities for our communities.

He served in the United States Naval Submarine Service and the United States Naval Intelligence Service from 1975 through 1988.

Mr. Boyle obtained a BS degree in Technology Management from the University of Maryland in 1983.